Strategic Focus

Identifying markets and throwing resources at them are not enough to produce growth, and certainly not enough to create value for your shareholders. For growth to be achieved, sustainable, and profitable, it has to be grounded in rigorous strategic logic which produces competitive advantage for your company in carefully-targeted portions of the market. Unfortunately, many CEOs and their teams gloss over the strategy requirement and proceed too quickly to the second, insufficient-in-itself step of execution.

We have been crafting winning strategies for companies large and small for more than three decades. We will help you:

  • Determine what is unique about your company
  • Translate that uniqueness into enduring competitive advantage
  • Select the markets, channels, and customers to target
  • Allocate scarce investment, operating and human resources in ways that are decisive and consistent with the chosen strategy
  • Support the strategy with operating plans and management systems that will produce enhanced growth and profitability