Mastering the Full Scope of the CEO Role

It is easy to be a satisfactory CEO but difficult to be an excellent one, and much of the challenge lies in the range of skills required. A superb CEO:

  • Creates a meaningful and inspiring Vision for the company
  • Translates that vision into a Strategy that creates competitive advantage, growth and high levels of profitability
  • Builds and leads with excellence a high-performing Executive Team
  • Ensures that Operations are effective and efficient in achieving the strategy and vision
  • Builds Follow-Through systems to ensure that financial and market objectives become realities, and not merely wishes
  • Communicates often and well, aligning and inspiring others to optimize their own performance and that of the company

The reason so many companies hit a wall is that each of the six functions above is a critical link in the chain: Fail at one, and you undermine the effectiveness of the other five. Given that reality, it is no wonder that CEOs can benefit from a confidante and mentor who can be a check on his or her thinking and a coach to strengthen potential blind spots. We communicate with you as often and in whatever form works best for you, and help you master all of the CEO roles. When your company’s performance has reached a new level and you are enjoying your job more than ever, we will know that we have done ours.